Young Ural Owls ringed

The young Ural Owls that hatched in the wild around the Wilderness Area were ringed. Eight broods were found and chicks hatched in four broods. Two broods of the successful broods were found in nest boxes and two broods in tree holes - in a beech tree and a maple tree. Nine chicks were found, one of the chicks was too young to be ringed, so eight chicks were ringed. In a tree hole and in a nest box three chicks were found each, in a tree hole two and in a nest box one chick. Many thanks to Stefan Knöpfer (www.ornithoclimbing.at, www.habichtskauz.at) for climbing and ringing at each weather and with Ural Owl mothers who defended their chicks with full commitment. Thank you for the commitment for the Ural Owl!