Ural Owl Project is 10

The Ural Owl project is 10 and with the project also a few Ural Owls! On the 17th of June 2019 the 10 year anniversary of the Ural Owl project was celebrated at the Austrian Ornithological Centre in Seebarn - with the rector of the University of Veterinary Medicine Prof. Petra Winter, the deputy governor Dr. Stephan Pernkopf, the project leader Dr. Richard Zink, the mayor of Seebarn Mag. Alfred Riedl, the deputy director of the Zoo Vienna Dr. Harald Schwammer and many more.

Next to the presentation of the new book about the Ural Owl in the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve and presentations about the two release areas Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve and the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area, the keynote presentation was given by guest of honour Dr. Wolfgang Scherzinger. With his invaluable experiences from the reintroduction project in the National Park Bayerischer Wald, he made decisive contributions to the success of the project in Austria. So did Dr. Hans Frey from the Owl and Raptor Station EGS Haringsee and Reinhard Osterkorn from the Owl and Raptor Station OAW Linz. A heartfelt thank you! Dr. Richard Zink told about a female Ural Owl in the Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve whose age of 10 years was confirmed this year. Thank you for the invitation to the nice celebration.

Looking forward to 10 more successful years for the Ural Owl and many more!

Pictures: Christoph Leditznig, Viktoria Kohl, Ingrid Kohl