The nature reserve administration is structured as an association and is charged with the care of the Wilderness Dürrenstein by the state government of Lower Austria, adhering to the latest Managementplan 2013 - 2022 as well as the IUCN specifications. The core team of the nature reserve administration currently consists of seven people.


christophDI Dr. Christoph Leditznig

Forest technician and wildlife biologist. As managing chairman, he is responsible for the nature reserve administration and publicly represents the Wilderness Dürrenstein.

reinhardReinhard Pekny

Forester and ranger for the Wilderness Dürrenstein. His main duty is natural environment management, especially the planning and coordination of game and wildlife regulation.

ninaNina Schönemann, BSc

Wildlife biologist. Works as a management assistant for the Wilderness Dürrenstein.

ingridDr. Ingrid Kohl

Works as a scientific assistant in the Wilderness Dürrenstein. She is responsible for the resettlement of the Ural owl.

stefanDI Stefan Schörghuber

Forester and wildlife biologist. As an employee of the Federal Forest Office he assumes numerous tasks in the wilderness area, such as planning and implementing habitat and management measures as well as visitor support.

franzFranz Aigner

Agriculturalist and forest manager. Is responsible for game regulation and wildlife monitoring. Is also an active participant in the project to resettle the Ural owl and maintains a breeding aviary.


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