Egyptian Vulture release in Bulgaria

On the 15th of May 2019 the almost one-year-old Egyptian Vulture that hatched in the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site Zoo Vienna was released in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria with two other young Egyptian Vultures (from Zlín in the Czech Republic and from Jeréz in Spain). Many thanks to the Zoo Vienna for the interest in the exchange of experiences from reintroduction projects with the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site Dürrenstein Wilderness Area. Many thanks to our colleagues in Bulgaria from the organisations Green Balkan, the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre in Stara Zagora and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds / BirdLife International for the exchange, the exciting stories about their experiences and observations and for showing us various, incomparable and partly untouched natural landscapes. Best wishes for the Egyptian Vultures, the biodiversity and all our colleagues in Bulgaria for all efforts! Thanks for the experience and the collaboration!

Story and videos: