Habichtskauz (Foto: Christoph Leditznig)

Research in the Wilderness Area

(based loosely on the newspaper article in: NÖN week 36/2018)

Research in the Wilderness Area of great importance internationally.

Currently, the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area is in the headlines mainly because of the House of the Wilderness (Haus der Wildnis). Nevertheless, the main tasks of a Wilderness Area are not forgotten, in particular, research and the educational mission. The response of researchers from over the world at two major conferences showed the great international importance of research activities. In September 2017, the international conference on the studies of owls took place in Portugal. The Wilderness Area as the only attending Austrian institution was represented with three oral presentations on the topics of owl telemetry, Ural Owls and owl monitoring which created positive responds by owl researchers. At the 27th International Ornithological Congress in Canada in August 2018, the Wilderness Area was represented with two presentations. Project manager Ingrid Kohl is happy about the great interest in the projects. Of particular importance is the support of companies in the region which makes the projects possible through donations. "However, the internationally estimated results also show that the Wilderness Area is of supraregional importance for nature conservation and species protection", adds Managing Director Christoph Leditznig. For example, the little Boreal Owl of the size of a blackbird is found in the Wilderness Area in densities that are hardly found anywhere else. Even some pairs of Ural Owls which already reproduced young ones already call the Wilderness Area their home. For more information about the supporters of our owls in the region, see www.wildnisgebiet.at/en/the-supporters-of-our-owls/.


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Ural Owl (photo: Christoph Leditznig)
Young Boreal Owl (photo: Gerhard Rotheneder)