Raptor Research Foundation Conference (Foto: Raptor Research Foundation)

Raptor Research Foundation Conference

In November 2018 the Raptor Research Foundation Conference took place in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The Wilderness Area was represented at the conference with two owl projects - the ural owl and the owl monitoring project. Various topics around raptor conservation worldwide and with the focus of South Africa were discussed. Topic no. 1 was the rhino poaching and the poisoning of the carcasses which poisons hundreds of vultures and other wildlife. Researchers from all over the world attended the conference, new contacts were made and it was possible to meet colleagues and friends and to discuss exciting topics for future research collaborations. We are looking forward to collaborating in exciting projects!

Thanks to EcoSolutions.co.za and owlproject.org for the support in South Africa!

Photos: Ingrid Kohl, Kenneth Johansen, Karla Bloem, André Botha, Raptor Research Foundation