Aims and Tasks

Both the reserve administration’s aims for the future as well as its tasks, regulated by a contract with the province of Lower Austria, are diverse and numerous. The most important aims and tasks can be summarized as follows:

The establishment and maintenance of the first Austrian category I wilderness area, according to the IUCN criteria. This means that human intervention in the area needs to be reduced to a minimum, and that measures taken to secure or improve the natural environment must be limited both spatially and temporally. This restriction also applies to the access of the Wilderness Dürrenstein by the general population.

The permanent protection of the existent near-natural habitats and the undisturbed development of the mountain forests. Rather than trying to maintain a specific condition, the natural processes are allowed to unfold without human intervention as far as possible.

Maintenance and, if possible, improvement of the conservation status, by implementation of the management plan. The management plan primarily contains measures on managing the natural environment, as well as managing visitor support.

The establishment of an appropriate control system with scientific backing.

Excursions for visitors, with professional support and information. Visitors may only access the Wilderness Dürrenstin during guided hikes, with a few exceptions. These tours offer an insight into the importance of wilderness areas, for the natural world and for the preservation of nature. Botanical and zoological excursions round out this program.