Owlproject.org: Owl Artwork (Foto: Sara Orchardson)


For the second time the Wilderness Area was lucky to experience the various activities of owlproject.org in Johannesburg. Within two decades of owlproject.org more than hundred thousand school children learned about the life of owls and their position in the ecosystem, with the vision of a poison free environment and a society without myths that are harming owl populations dramatically, and for raising awareness that owls are reducing the rat populations. Through the work with the school children also the awareness of their parents and families is raised for the owls and the environment what was shown through questionnaires before and after the work with the children. While dissecting owl pellets, children are able to identify rat bones. In the naming owls project this year, school children had the possibility to name the different owl species in the Zulu languages. The new names of the owl species will be published in the next editions of the bird books. Before the project there was only one word in the Zulu languages for "owl". Thanks to Jonathan Haw for founding and leading owlproject.org, the whole team for their dedicated work and the school children for their joy and their love for the owls!


Donations: https://owlproject.org/support-us/

Photos: Ingrid Kohl, Sara Orchardson, owlproject.org