NMS Göstling supports Owlproject.org in South Africa

During the visit of Owlproject.org from South Africa in the NMS Göstling in March, the owl fever has broken out for the kids. The idea to support the kids in the partner school Marlboro School in their owl project was born fast. The kids of the NMS organised a bake sale on several days. During school lessons different kinds of muffins and cupcakes were made and bread was prepared. With their delicious snacks the kids made 315€ for Owlproject.org.

On the 3rd of June 2019 a cheque for Owlproject.org was given to the biologist Ingrid Kohl, Scientific Assistant of the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area.

We are happy about the successful collaboration and the enthusiasm of the kids of both schools who are in lively contact with each other.


Text and photos: Claudia Brenn, Petra Fleischhacker, Ingrid Kohl