Gomilsha Forest National Park (Foto: Iryna Yatsiuk)

Gomilsha Forest National Park & Kharkiv University

Many thanks to our Ukrainian friends and collaboration partners ornithologist Yehor Yatsiuk and mycologist Iryna Yatsiuk as well as their colleagues for the friendly invitation to the Gomilsha Forest National Park, the State Museum of Nature of the Kharkiv University,  the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and the Kharkiv Bat Group with Anton Vlaschenko, Alona Prylutska and Oleksandra Kisel as well as the invitation to give a presentation at the university for students and professors about the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area and the Rothwald Primeval Forest. The time in the Ukraine was a wonderful and inspiring experience! We are looking forward to our collaboration!

Photos: Ingrid Kohl, Yehor Yatsiuk, Iryna Yatsiuk, Oleksandra Kisel