Thank you for wanting to support our projects!

Donations to the Wilderness Dürrenstein are tax deductible!

Please write “DONATION” on your bank transfer.
If you wish to make your donation tax deductible, please state your first name, surname and birthday on your bank transfer.
For more information on the deductibility of donations to beneficiary organizations such as the Wilderness Dürrenstein (see BMF – List of beneficiary organizations, in german only ) can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance – Tax Deductibility of Donations (in german only).

Schutzgebietsverwaltung Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein

Brandstatt 61
A-3270 Scheibbs

Telephone: +43 (0) 680 402 12 66
Contact: click here for contact form

Bank Details:

RAIBA Eisenwurzen, BLZ 32939
Kontonummer: 544932
IBAN: AT143293900000544932
Made payable to Schutzgebietsverwaltung Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein, 3270 Scheibbs