World Owl Conference 2019 in India

WorldOwlConference2019India1 The 6th World Owl Conference is going to take place from the 29th of November until the 2nd of December 2019 at the SP University in Pune in India. If you are interested you are invited to join the conference, to give a presentation and to present a scientific poster. To reduce the footprint of the conference there will be the possibility for video presentations and presenting posters without being present, and it is planned that present conference attendees are... Continue reading

NMS Göstling supports in South Africa

NMSsupportsOwlprojectorg_PetraFleischhacker3 During the visit of from South Africa in the NMS Göstling in March, the owl fever has broken out for the kids. The idea to support the kids in the partner school Marlboro School in their owl project was born fast. The kids of the NMS organised a bake sale on several days. During school lessons different kinds of muffins and cupcakes were made and bread was prepared. With their delicious snacks the kids made 315€ for On the 3rd of... Continue reading

Young Ural Owls ringed

Habichtskauzberingung_ChristophLeditznig03b The young Ural Owls that hatched in the wild around the Wilderness Area were ringed. Eight broods were found and chicks hatched in four broods. Two broods of the successful broods were found in nest boxes and two broods in tree holes - in a beech tree and a maple tree. Nine chicks were found, one of the chicks was too young to be ringed, so eight chicks were ringed. In a tree hole and in a nest box three chicks were found each, in a tree hole two and in a nest box... Continue reading

Guest of honour at OAW Linz

EhrengastOAWLinz_IngridKohl10 In spring 2019 the owl and raptor center OAW Linz of the Naturschutzbund OÖ, founded by Reinhard Osterkorn as well as cooperation partner of the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area, was welcoming a guest of honour from South Africa, Jonathan Haw, founder of and AlsoStephan Weigl of the Biologiezentrum Linz was visiting the center. Our guest of honour, who was presenting the in two presentations and two school projects... Continue reading

Egyptian Vulture release in Bulgaria

On the 15th of May 2019 the almost one-year-old Egyptian Vulture that hatched in the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site Zoo Vienna was released in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria with two other young Egyptian Vultures (from Zlín in the Czech Republic and from Jeréz in Spain). Many thanks to the Zoo Vienna for the interest in the exchange of experiences from reintroduction projects with the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site Dürrenstein Wilderness Area.... Continue reading from South Africa on tour in Austria

owlproject.org_Wildnisgebiet_Buergermeister_Goestling_WolfgangAlfanz The from South Africa was on tour in Austria! The Wilderness Area organised two presentations and two school projects in Göstling/Ybbs and in Vienna. On the 15th of March 2019 Jonathan Haw, founder of, gave a presentation at the Hammerwirt in Göstling/Ybbs as well as on the 18th of March 2019 at the university of Vienna for the bird club. On the 15th of March 2019 the highlight of the school project in the school NMS Göstling was the... Continue reading Owl Artwork (Foto: Sara Orchardson) For the second time the Wilderness Area was lucky to experience the various activities of in Johannesburg. Within two decades of more than hundred thousand school children learned about the life of owls and their position in the ecosystem, with the vision of a poison free environment and a society without myths that are harming owl populations dramatically, and for raising awareness that owls are reducing the rat populations. Through... Continue reading

Raptor Research Foundation Conference

Raptor Research Foundation Conference (Foto: Raptor Research Foundation) In November 2018 the Raptor Research Foundation Conference took place in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The Wilderness Area was represented at the conference with two owl projects - the ural owl and the owl monitoring project. Various topics around raptor conservation worldwide and with the focus of South Africa were discussed. Topic no. 1 was the rhino poaching and the poisoning of the carcasses which poisons hundreds of vultures and other wildlife.... Continue reading

Gomilsha Forest National Park & Kharkiv University

Gomilsha Forest National Park (Foto: Iryna Yatsiuk) Many thanks to our Ukrainian friends and collaboration partners ornithologist Yehor Yatsiuk and mycologist Iryna Yatsiuk as well as their colleagues for the friendly invitation to the Gomilsha Forest National Park, the State Museum of Nature of the Kharkiv University,  the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and the Kharkiv Bat Group with Anton Vlaschenko, Alona Prylutska and Oleksandra Kisel as well as the invitation to give a presentation at the university... Continue reading

New Owl Nest Boxes

Nistkastenmontage (Foto: Ingrid Kohl) In mid-October new owl nest boxes were fixed for Ural Owls and Co. Thanks to all supporters of our owls, companies in the region and from further away, whose interest and support are an invaluable contribution for our owls. Thanks to Stefan Knöpfer ( who fixed the new owl nest boxes in the Wilderness Area region with his professional tree climbing skills. Thanks to all assistants like Maria von Rochow and Christoph Kainz for their dedicated... Continue reading

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

The Hawk Mountain Sanctuary was established in 1934, making it the world's first raptor sanctuary. It is located in eastern Pennsylvania along the Appalachian flyway, is 464 m high and currently 1,052 hectares large. On average, approximately 20,000 raptors are observed every year and the sanctuary keeps the world's longest continuous record of raptor populations. At the World Owl Congress WOC 2017 in Portugal at the University of Évora, researchers from all over... Continue reading

International Ornithological Congress 2018

International Ornithological Congress 2018 Logo For the first time the Wilderness Area was represented at an International Ornithological Congress. The IOC takes place every four years and this year it took place from the 20th to the 26th of August 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. The Wilderness Area presented the two owl projects: the Ural Owl reintroduction project and the owl monitoring project. The presentations were attended by researchers from all over the world, such as Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, South Africa,... Continue reading

Spring myxomycetes in the Wilderness Area

Lamproderma pulveratum (Foto: Iryna Yatsiuk) Iryna Yatsiuk, mycologist Department of Mycology and Plant Resistance, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ukraine   This year in May me and my husband Yehor Yatsiuk, ornithologist, spent a week in Dürrenstein Wilderness Area. While Yehor was involved in the Owl research project, I’m a mycologist and therefore was focused on fungi. Though for harvesting mushrooms (for food) autumn is the most appropriate season, for mycologist spring is a very nice time... Continue reading

Supporters of our owls

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all supporters of our owls! Whether from the region or from far away - every supporter is of inexplicable value! Our owls are supported in the region by companies from Göstling/Ybbs, Lunz/See, Scheibbs, Palfau, Wildalpen, Waidhofen/Ybbs and the Upper Austrian Ried/Riedmark. A supporter from far away is located in Poland. Partner organizations are widespread - whether from Upper Austria, Marchfeld, South Africa or North America. Without... Continue reading